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Jessie’s Song Troupe

Ruby Davidson (The Principal, The RubyMother) Ruby is a 15 year old from Perth who decided to be a part of this production to help raise awareness for mental health in youth for Lanark County. Working with the other people taking part in the production has been a great experience.




Kaija Evangelho (The Friend) Working with a company with zero hate and discrimination is an amazing feeling. Being able to have a voice and being able to write the play with other youth has been an amazing part of my career. I’d like to say thank you, Jay.



Tara KreissleTarar (The Bully) Heyo! I`m Tara. I am 16 and I live with my mom and brother, but I visit my dad alot. I love to listen to music and sing as well. I`m also an artist in many forms, anywhere from drawing and acting to playing an instrument and singing. (BTW, I drew the portraits of our troupe.)



Garrett Garrett Pipher (The Teacher, The Father) I have been acting for the last 9 years, starting with William Merrick’s Dam in Merrickville. Since then, I have been part of many productions, mainly with the Station Theatre in Smiths Falls. This is my first production with Burning Passions Theatre.



Vincent Vincent Bracegirdle (Technical Assistant) I’m the head sound and production technician and in charge of all the heavy lifting so that our actors don’t actually break a leg. I’ve been doing theatre work for just over 4 or so years now. I enjoy classic films and Marvel comics.



Gillian Gillian Scott (Social Support Worker) A graduate from Carleton University’s School of Social Work, Gillian is thrilled to be working with such dynamic individuals. When youth are given the unique platform to create, learn and teach their peers amazing things are possible.



MatthewMatthew pic Behrens (Associate Producer) Matthew is a writer and community organizer. He has long worked on issues related to youth, Indigenous rights, war and refugees, and ending violence against women. He particularly enjoys country music (but not “bro-country”) and stir-fried zucchini.



Laurel picLaurel Smith (Director, Dramaturge, Producer) Feeling very privileged to be working with this amazingly talented group of young people, we hope that the message of this play will reach into the hearts of our community and lead to preventive and healing action.

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