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Production Photos

Act One: Women of the Gold Rush

Hey Mister

Hey Mister - Dawson City, 1898
Dawson City, 1898, Jill Hayman and Ann Bisch as Dance-Hall Girls

Here I am

Here I Am - The Chilkoot Pass, 1898
The Chilkoot Pass, 1898, Julain Molnar, Jill Hayman and Ann Bisch

An Age Ago

An Age Ago - White Horse Rapids, 1898
White Horse Rapids, 1898, Julain Molnar as Belinda


Vernie - Chilkoot Pass, April 3, 1898
Chilkoot Pass, April 3, 1898, Julain Molnar

Act Two: Women of the Yukon Today

Out Here

Out Here - Forty Mile
Forty Mile, Ann Bisch

Camp Cook

Camp Cook - north of The Tombstones
North of The Tombstones, Jill Hayman

YT River

The Banks of the Yukon River
The Banks of the Yukon River, Ann Bisch, Julain Molnar and Jill Hayman

Do or Die

Do or Die - Dawson City
Dawson City, Julain Molnar

Road Warrior

Road Warrior- The Alaska Highway
The Alaska Highway, Julain Molnar

Gertie Meltdown

Gertie Meltdown - Diamond Tooth Gertie's
Diamond Tooth Gertie's, Dawson City, Jill Hayman


Goodbye - Jack's House
Jack's House, Jill Hayman, Julain Molnar and Ann Bisch

The Yukon - Past & Present:

Mountain Pass

mountain pass





Rustic Cabin

Rustic Cabin

The Yukoners

yukon women

Digging Through the Trail

2. Digging Through the Trail

Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

The Spirit of Childhood

The Spirit of Childhood

The Fireweed

burning passions theatre fireweed
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