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CTF 2019

June 21 to July 14, 2019

The 9th-longest running play in Broadway history is a remarkable comedy about the passions and excitement of World War II-era New York City. [More]

July 19 to August 11, 2019

Comic sparks fly when a bombastic professor of dialects tries to turn a working-class flower girl into an upper-class lady, in this most popular of Shaw’s plays (the basis for the musical My Fair Lady). [More]

August 16 to September 8, 2019

The longest-running comedy thriller in Broadway history, Deathtrap follows a formerly successful playwright who engages in a deadly game to steal what he feels would be a ‘killer script.’ [More]

July 2019

G.B. Shaw’s hilarious satire on the Roman Empire as seen through the eyes of a Christian slave and a very different “king of the forest.” [More]

June/July 2019

Set during Depression-era Perth, featuring music and songs of the 1930s. [More]

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